The Word is: Connections
February 26, 2019, 11:15 PM

Most of you know – I am among other things – a member of the Eugene Airport Rotary Club. In fact I will on July 1st become the President of this most exciting group of men and women who are together working for the good of the world. Over the last weekend I attended the amazing Leadership event called PETS, the mandatory training for all incoming Presidents. Besides powerful workshops and inspiring speakers we learned the first night from the incoming International President – what his theme was to be. Each President gets to develop his or her own theme for the coming year and this was the theme selected. This year’s theme is “Rotary Connects the World.” Incoming President Mike Maloney believes that the way to peace is through connections. The way to end Polio has been through connections, the way to end hunger is through connections. I love that he has chosen this theme because I too believe it is through our CONNECTIONS that we can change the world.

Beginning this Sunday and through the season of Lent we are going to explore our greatest connection first – our CONNECTION with Jesus Christ. To do this we are going to explore the I am statements of Jesus in the gospel of John- and look at how these CONNECT with who we are as his disciples. As we worship under this theme and as we study these statements at Wednesday night’s Bible Study – we will strengthen our own CONNECTIONS with Jesus, we will create more opportunities to share our CONNECTION with Jesus in fellowship with other believers and we will develop faith-filled CONNECTIONS with those who do not know Jesus in ways that will spark their interest, their questions and eventually, their own CONNECTION with Him! This week we start with the first in the series - It is WHO you Know! Let’s get CONNECTED!

See You Sunday—Pastor David!


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